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Aú Natural Skinfood feeds, strengthens and protects your skin, restoring it to good health using only the best natural ingredients and the incredible power of Manuka honey. Your subscription membership to Aú Natural Skinfood places you at the forefront of a unique and innovative industry-leading sustainability initiative – meaning you’ll be taking an active part in reducing waste by saying no to single-use plastic bottles.

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Join the #AuNaturalRevolution and reuse, reduce and recycle.

For skin made better through sustainability, subscribe to change. Aú Natural Skinfood not only cares for your skin, it also cares for our planet. Aú has developed the ‘Thinking Green’ philosophy to ensure every step we make puts our environment first. Now you too can take care of the environment as well as your skin.

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The science behind feeding your skin

For better skin, subscribe to skinfood, not regular skincare. Full of nutrients and goodness, Aú Natural Skinfood feeds your skin from the outside in, making your skin healthy and naturally beautiful from the inside out.

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Ethically sourced ingredients from New Zealand

For skin made healthy without the use of chemicals, parabens, perfumes or other additives, subscribe to nature’s goodness. Aú Natural Skinfood contains only wholesome nutrients and natural healers. Not only does Aú leave your skin radiant and healthy, it leaves out the synthetics we could all do without.

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