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...with the help of Manuka Honey

Special Offer – Try the skincare superfood Manuka Honey in our 4 piece Discovery Kit

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Explore our range of skinfood for all skin types. Skinfood is more than beauty, it’s about your health. Just like you carefully consider the food you eat, it’s as important to consider what you put on your skin.


Kick The Chemicals With Au Natural Skinfood - Natural Skincare

Kick the Chemicals

We help your skin repair naturally by avoiding the 168 Toxins that we put onto our skin daily. Go clean! Get results.

Drop Your Mask With Au Natural Skinfood - Chemical Free Skincare

Drop Your Mask

Our average customer feels brave enough without make-up within three months. Get more confidence.

Ditch The Plastic With Au Natural Skinfood - Zero Waste Skincare

Ditch the Plastic

Achieving your best skin is just half of our story! By becoming a member, you help eliminate 48 Billion single-use plastics each year. Get involved.

Manuka Honey Skin Superfood - Au Natural Skinfood - Chemical Free Skincare

Manuka Honey Superfood

We use one of nature’s superfoods – Manuka honey, as a key ingredient in our formulations. Collected from the Manuka flower, native to the remote unspoilt regions in New Zealand, Manuka Honey is unique in that it feeds good bacteria on your skin while reducing bad bacteria.
Manuka honey contains non-hydrogen peroxide-bacterial activity, Methylglyoxal (MG). This is a known antiseptic with superior antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The results are clinically proven, and for this reason Manuka Honey is now widely used in hospitals worldwide, for wound care.
On skin it works as a humectant, drawing vital moisture into the skin, hydrating, rejuvenating and restoring its natural glow.
Since it’s safe to eat, you can be assured Manuka honey is safe to put on your skin.

Au Natural Skinfood Eco Refill Pouch


Taking an innovative and bold step towards reducing single-use plastic pollution, we are the first company in the world to offer a refillable skincare system using plant based eco-refill pouches.
Our plant-based eco-refills are made from annually renewable sources (corn starch and/or sugar cane) and are fully recyclable. They are also carbon negative, which means that production of the refills takes more carbon out of the atmosphere than it emits.
You can fill your own (FYO) containers or use with our infinitely recyclable aluminium jars and bottles, when you run out of product instead of buying new ones.

Bundle & Save, You're in Control

Simply mix and match any two products in a subscription bundle and save up to 50%, plus add-on additional products and save 35% off each. Bundles auto-ship every two months and you can choose to pay per shipment or split payments over two the months, from as little as USD $28 / month.

You’re in total control – we’ll send you a reminder before each shipment so you can change, pause or cancel your order. All online, in your own unique portal, anytime.  No commitment, No hassle. Learn more

Au Natural Skinfood Premium Natural Skincare

Premium skincare

Natural formulations supported by science. Learn more.

Bundle And Save With Au Natural SKinfood - Affordable Natural Skincare

Up to 50% off

Bundle and save. Customize your order any time. Learn more.

Au Natural Skinfood - Natural Skincare Risk Free

Risk free

Cancel, pause, skip your delivery 24/7 at no cost. Learn more.

Au Natural skinfood- Free Shipping On Natural Skincare

Free shipping

When you Bundle, shipping is free to most countries. Learn more.

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What You Need

A simple skin solution that empowers you to naturally look and feel your absolute best.

What You Get

A simple wellness habit consisting of natural skinfood, sustainably packaged skin products delivered to your door every two months.

Where You Belong

This is not a solo mission. Our member community supports you to look fearlessly healthy, connecting you with people who care, just like you!

  • 12 Week Detox Skin Challenge

    Go Clean from Toxic Beauty

    We are on a mission to help you break the cycle from beauty addiction to skin health. Don’t go solo, join the challenge!

    12 Week Skin Detox

Special Offer

Perfect treat for yourself or as a gift. Our Discovery Kit contains travel sizes of four of our best sellers, all in refillable aluminium containers. You receive a 14-day supply of products suitable for all skin types, 100% cotton tote bag and plant based spatula. Your skin is only as good as what you feed it!

New On The Spot Range

Completely natural, On The Spot problem skin range, combines powerful antibacterial activity from both Manuka and Kanuka honey, and is effective in decreasing the inflammation of both facial redness and acne.

Clinical trials have found 100% of users report less pimples, a reduction in redness and overall softer skin within three weeks.

The Skinfood Story

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