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Welcome to Week 10

I sometimes stop and think about what our future ancestors will think when they examine the contemporary era that we live in. Possibly the most worrying of all is the rising use of nanotechnology with no hard questions asked. This includes the introduction of chemically copied ingredients that mimic natural ingredients, parabens, colorants and fragrances – the list goes on and on.

We also have a bit of an addiction with plastic surgery and invasive treatments. There is now widespread use of Botox to paralyze muscles in the face to appear less wrinkled. More than 6 million botulinum toxin treatments are administered each year. As well as Botox, we’re also big fans of silicone. Silicones are polymers known as a type of plastic, but technically are part of the rubber family. They have been used to enhance breasts.

The non-biodegradable forms of silicone have also been used as injections to fill the appearance of lines in the face. These non-biodegradable fillers work by provoking a foreign body reaction that stimulates a fibroblastic deposition of collagen around the non-absorbable microspheres. The body forms collagen around these silicone particles.

We are not here to judge, and we all have different reasons about what we do. What we do know is that if Botox is administered to a healthy strong skin that you need less, and it lasts longer.

When I turned 50 and everything seemed to be falling apart, I would walk past a mirror, and get a fright as simply I do not resemble the 25-year-old that I am in my head. Is the solution to remove all the mirrors in my house? Or should I rather celebrate my age and be proud to do this naturally? Big questions and deep down I know I should embrace my age…but perhaps one or two of the mirrors could go too!

I have noticed since the arrival of our grandson’s my priorities have changed. I’m much more conscious of my own mortality, health and what I need to be doing to ensure that I’m able to live as long as possible. I want to see these precious wee people in my life grow up and be actively involved in their lives.

Having worked in the beauty industry for most of my adult life – going natural has been a great leap of faith for me. Changing my diet and embracing regular exercise has been easy! Cutting out the occasional Botox treatment, removing my acrylic nails, saying goodbye to gel polish and letting my hair go GREY (!!!) have been much harder. There are some days that I ask myself why I am doing this, but mostly I am loving it. I have noticed I’m not racing from appointment to appointment, am saving money and feeling healthier than ever.

Using the right skincare really does help. Proudly, Au Natural Skinfood works to naturally strengthen your skin, to increase your skin’s own barrier function to allow our bodies to use its own defense system to fight environmental damage, allowing your skin to look the best it possibly can.
I no longer feel dread when I think about my age. I like the story that my face tells, and I’m looking forward to celebrating this next phase of my life, as naturally as I can.

As an alternative to using Botox you can use all-natural Bee-tox instead? Yes, the latest research proves that bee venom is as, if not more, effective at reducing fine lines and wrinkles as Botox, which is why I highly recommend it as a potent natural alternative or to support Botox treatments.
Here’s everything you need to know about Au Natural Skinfood’s Bee venom.

Bee venom is an interesting and powerful natural ingredient that has been used in traditional medicine for many years. Bee venom works using the rule of micro-damage and micro-repair.

What this means is that, just like Botox, bee venom causes a small amount of temporary swelling, triggering our body to respond by sending collagen and elastin to the area, to repair the swelling. The result is new skin, firmer skin, and fine lines are reduced.

In essence, it helps to improve the skin cells, and this impacts the overall structure of the skin positively. The other good thing is that it doesn’t have the same risks or costs associated with Botox, meaning those who are having synthetic injectable treatments are often choosing to ‘top up’ with nature’s Botox, in-between visits to their doctor/nurse.

At Au Natural Skinfood, we source our bee venom sustainably from Whitestone Ridge, in the South Island of New Zealand. No harm comes to the bees whilst harvesting the bee venom because we use a non-invasive process, known as milking. What happens is a glass plate is strategically placed close to a hive and a small amount of electricity is run through the glass, the bees attack the glass and deposit some venom. The bees do not die as their stingers cannot penetrate the glass. Once the venom is dry, our contract beekeepers scrape the venom off the glass, and this is placed into our skinfood products. Watch the video below to see for yourself how we source bee venom ethically.


What’s Your Age Again? – Keep Them Guessing
It’s easy to achieve glowing skin with Au Natural Skinfood’s PM Night Cream that targets fine lines and wrinkles, the non-toxic way. We bring you the best of clean beauty and skinfood that will strengthen and improve your skin so that your age is not given away, all whilst you sleep at night.
Our skincare is designed to nourish and repair your skin’s barrier from the outside in, allowing you to get the anti-aging results you want. Natural ingredients including New Zealand pure bee venom, Active 16+ Manuka honey, New Zealand avocado oil and New Zealand grape seed extract will repair, tighten and lift your skin.

Research has shown that New Zealand pure Bee venom is a potent combination of enzymes, peptides and amino acids that works on the skin to encourage naturally occurring cell regeneration, boost collagen formation and accelerate the recovery of damaged skin cells. This works on the micro-damage, micro-repair philosophy in a gently non-invasive way, using our skin’s own natural defense system to strengthen our skin and display a new and youthful looking skin.

Find out more about PM Night Cream and shop yours on Au Natural Skinfood.

Our home test for bee stings

If you are allergic to bee stings, you may not be able to use our bee venom products. Yet many who think they are allergic, may not be. We suggest that if you are concerned about your sensitivity, please get in touch and we’ll send you out a sample, free of charge. From there, you can do a small patch test on your arm to check for a reaction.

At Au Natural Skinfood, we are passionate about bees and love how clever they are. That’s why we encourage you to give back to the bees by planting a bee-friendly garden in your backyard. Plants such as lavender, daisies, flowering gums, sage and rosemary all bring in the bees and help us do our bit to support a healthier ecosystem.

There are four elements to building perfect bowl food – otherwise known in our office as ‘bountiful bowls’. This includes adding high-quality grains, powerful proteins, a generous serving of greens and veggies and then topping off with your favorite dressing.

Hot, cold or a mixture, there is no hard and fast rule to a good bountiful bowl but the one thing it must be is packed to the brim with healthy ingredients so it has a full, rounded appearance.

Typically your bowl should look like a rainbow, seasoned to your liking and power-packed with filling nutrients and vitamins that aid weight loss and overall health and wellbeing. Below is a glossary list of 20 great ingredients for your bountiful bowls that will help you repair and care for your skin.

Salmon, avocado, quinoa, pumpkin & sunflower seeds, lemon, honey, almonds, olive oil & flax seed oil, broccoli, apple cider vinegar, yogurt, beetroot, berries, kumara, tomato, red or yellow peppers, chickpeas & lentils, eggs, Parmesan, Feta, Neufchatel cheese.

Bees double up!

Bees have two stomachs – one stomach for eating and the other special stomach is for storing nectar collected from flowers or water so that they can carry it back to their hive.

As a recap, our four essentials are: Remove Gentle Facial Cleanser, Prepare Spray on Brightening Lotion (toner), AM Day Serum and PM Night Cream.

Step 1:

Remove Gentle Facial Cleanser – Rich in Manuka Honey & Avocado Oil

When it comes to our Remove Gentle Facial Cleanser, a little goes a long way.

  • Simply squeeze out a bit the size of an almond, add a drop or two of warm water.
  • Warm by rubbing the cleanser in your hands.
  • Apply cleanser to the face neck and decollete. (safe to use around the eye & lip area)
  • Gently massage the cleanser around the area being cleansed.
  • Use a clean warm flannel to compress the skin and then remove the cleanser.
  • I recommend repeating the above step, if you’ve been wearing make-up. 

Mindful removal

I sometimes also add a little lemon juice or lemon oil to my warm water. If you have a busy life, then those couple of minutes of mindfulness practicing ‘slow beauty’ really makes a difference to your life. 

Step 2:

Prepare Spray On Brightening Lotion (toner) HERO PRODUCT –  Rich in Manuka Honey & Kiwifruit – Antibacterial

  • Either spray directly onto your face or spray a little into clean hands.
  •  Gently pat into your face, neck, decollete, avoiding the eye area. 
  • Leave the skin to dry and then apply your favorite moisturizer.

Hydrate well

Our Prepare Brightening Spray On Lotion (toner) helps to tone, tighten and even out the skin.

If you have very dry skin on your arms and legs, then you can use the brightening lotion to spray, rub in and feel soft and hydrated.

Step 3:

AM Day Serum – Rich in Manuka Honey Moisturizer & Ponga Fern Seed (Apply after cleansing and toning).  You only need a small amount as it will spread easily and will deliciously soak into your skin

  • Dot the moisturizer over the area to be treated.
  • As it warms to your skin, gently rub in.

PM Night Cream – Rich in Manuka Honey and Bee Venom Moisturizer (Apply after cleansing and toning).  This is a thick moisturizer designed for night-time replenishment.

  • Dot, night cream on your face, neck and decollete.
  • As it warms to your skin gently massage in, allowing your skin to repair and regenerate whilst you sleep.

Suitable for all skin types

Our Manuka honey moisturizers are suitable for all skin types, focused on strengthening the skin natural barrier function.


Tracy Ahern

Founder, Au Natural Skinfood

This is not a solo mission,
I’m here to help!

I’m here to give you advice on how to mix up our skinfood offering to best suit you. Be assured, that after four weeks your skin should be accustomed to natural products, settled and problem free.

If you have problem skin or a skin issue, I would love you to fill in our skin consultancy form and I will send you a product recommendation.

Our skin whilst we are all effectively the same, does have its own unique personality just like we do

About our skin…

Our skin is an organ and is as important as our heart or lungs. Our bodies are so clever and aim to repair damage as it happens. However, we rely on being healthy to support our skin and other organs as nature intended. Having healthy skin can be compared to going to the gym. We need to establish healthy habits and daily routines to get the results we desire.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, performing many vital tasks; it provides a barrier to infection, pathogenic threats and harmful pollution. Despite this, our skin nutrition can often be overlooked and our good intentions to cleanse and fight bad bacteria can go amiss.

Our skin is a microclimate of ‘good bacteria’ necessary to regulate our skin, fight infection and retain moisture.  However, with the increasing use of synthetics, preservatives, parabens and sulphates in traditional skincare, our skin’s natural healing and pH balancing abilities can be dramatically decreased, as good bacteria are stripped, and moisture levels depleted.

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