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Learn Why Less is More

Welcome to Week 8 of your Detox Journey! Did you know that too much of a good thing can be harmful and this universal truth also extends to your skincare routine? While it is common knowledge that cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are the core of any good skincare routine, do you know how much to use for healthier skin?

Our goal at Au Natural Skinfood is to make your skin the best it can be, all while ensuring you use as little as possible. That means we formulate our products to be extremely effective, boldly affordable and to help you to minimize waste.
Being gentle on the earth that we all share by not wasting what we don’t need, really does make a difference. Every little bit adds up. That’s why it’s important to understand this week why less is more.

I have outlined six simple steps to encourage conscious thinking and how less really is more…


Step one – Make time for self-care every day

By making self-care a cornerstone of your daily routine, it helps ensure you are building an opportunity to look after yourself every single day. Once you’ve done this and formed the habit (in the same way you have with your skincare), you can effectively master your self-care.


Step two – Reduce the clutter

Here at Au Natural Skinfood, we believe less is more. That’s why every time we create a product, we try to use as many simple ingredients as possible with minimal packaging. This week, channel your inner Marie Kondo and clear out the bathroom cupboard. You won’t even need the extras for traveling because you can easily take Au Natural Skinfood with you wherever you go.


Step three – Only use a hazelnut-sized amount of cleanser

Cleansing is a vital part of a skincare routine, as it helps to rid your skin of excess oil or bacteria that may have accumulated during the day and the night. It also removes make-up. While it is an excellent idea to gently cleanse your face in both the morning and evening to ensure it is kept as clean as possible, try not to over-apply the creamy solution.

Over-application of your Remove Gentle Facial Cleanser can cause the skin to become tight, dried out, and prone to surface irritation. While a slightly tight skin may feel like a sign that you’ve cleansed sufficiently, it is in fact an indicator that your face is being stripped of its natural oils.
The correct amount to use is about the size of a hazelnut. Applying this amount will not only allow the cleanser to do its job properly, cleaning the skin and helping maintain your natural pH balance, but will also help your product last longer.


Step four – Just a few sprays to tone

Toners are unsung heroes within your skincare regimen, they maintain your skin’s pH balance, which in turn helps prevent breakouts, skin irritation, or dryness. Au Natural Skinfood’s Prepare Spray on Brightening Lotion (Toner) also works in conjunction with your Remove Gentle Facial Cleanser by removing any impurities left on your skin post cleansing and prepares your skin by softening the epidermis, to accept and absorb your AM Day Serum – Manuka honey Moisturizer.
Rich in antioxidants, Manuka honey and kiwifruit extract, Au Natural Skinfood’s Prepare Spray on Brightening Lotion (Toner) helps eliminate imperfections on the skin’s surface, absorbing deeply to target and reduce the appearance of redness, age spots, and freckles.

The perfect amount of face toner to use on your skin is 3-4 sprays, applied onto your fingers, gently pat into the skin and rub any excess into your hands. By using this amount twice per day, you’ll be sure that your skin is well cleansed, moisturized and ready to soak in your AM Day Serum – Manuka honey Moisturizer.

Step five – Go for a pea-sized squeeze of serum

Natural serums are one of the skincare products that people most commonly overuse due to the mindset of ‘the more, the better’. Thanks to their intensely moisturizing properties, the result of their antioxidant and vitamin-rich formulas, serums have a reputation for working wonders on the skin, boosting collagen production and stimulating cell rejuvenation. This often leads people to apply it generously, in the hope that the more liberal the application, the more it will benefit the skin.

In reality, your skin will absorb as much of the nourishment as it can, and the rest will just sit on the skin, where it runs the risk of doing more harm than good by clogging pores and creating problems your skin didn’t previously have.
While moisture-rich serums are intended to hydrate and brighten the skin, allowing excess to sit on the skin’s surface can result in breakouts, and even give a dull, undernourished appearance.
The best way to avoid these problems is to use the correct amount – no more than a pea-size. Not only will your Dr Au Concentrates Superfruit Eye Serum last longer, you’ll also see far better and longer-lasting results.


Step six – Use just a blueberry-size bit of night moisturizer

Contrary to popular belief, applying too much moisturizer will not efficiently hydrate your skin, as your skin will absorb as much product as it needs and nothing more. The excess product will then lay on top of the skin, clogging pores and not allowing the skin to breathe. As you go through your day, this clogging will only be intensified as sweat struggles to make its way through your pores, and makeup builds upon the surface of your skin, inadvertently making the problem worse. This can lead to unnecessary breakouts and disrupt the skin’s healthy production of sebum, which is responsible for protecting your skin from the elements, as well as stopping bacterial and fungal infections.

When used too much, the delicate skin on your face can become dependent on creams for moisture, rather than nourishing itself from the inside, creating tired and lazy skin that has a dull appearance.

Because facial moisturizers are highly concentrated, you probably don’t need as much as you think. At Au Natural Skinfood, we would suggest applying no more than a blueberry amount for your entire face, for both our AM Day Serum – Manuka honey Moisturizer and PM Night Cream with Manuka honey. No matter your skin type, use a moisturizer no more than twice daily.

The Kanuka honey used in our products is sourced from Central Otago in the South Island of New Zealand. This is a scarcer variety of honey and is lighter in colour with a much stronger flavour than Manuka honey. Research around the active ingredients in Kanuka honey indicates that it contains more of the beneficial compounds called arabinogalactans (AGPs) than any other New Zealand honey.
AGPs aid in the repair of inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, eczema, rosacea and cold sores, making Kanuka honey a very valuable ingredient in topical skincare application.

Applying Kanuka honey directly onto external wounds, will draw healing fluids and key nutrients to the affected area, promoting rapid, gentle healing and regrowth of underlying tissues.

Unlike Manuka, Kanuka may also be able to stimulate an immune system response, which can make it effective in fighting off infection. Hydrogen peroxide, along with other compounds in Kanuka honey, helps kill off bacteria, treat fungal infections, and reduce inflammation. Because it’s a natural substance, it tends to have fewer side effects compared to other treatment options such as antibiotics. It also provides a natural barrier to prevent re-infection of wounds.

Kanuka honey is relatively new as an ingredient for skincare products, unlike synthetically bleach-based treatments, which tend to dry out the skin, Kanuka honey is naturally moisturizing and leaves the skin in better condition. Currently, many clinical trials are being completed on humans with very positive and measurable outcomes.

Scientifically shown to inhibit the bacteria associated with conditions such as acne & hormonal spots.

Having oily / problematic skin and being diligent about moisturizing may seem a bit counter intuitive. However, you do need to moisturize, even if you have acne. Acne prone skins need to moisturize to keep their skin barrier healthy. The skin barrier can become damaged from drying acne products and medications.

The On The Spot – Moisturizer is comfortable to wear, calming on the skin and loaded with great inflammatory, antimicrobial and antibacterial ingredients all designed to be effective in controlling breakouts and restoring the skin’s natural barrier strength.

Apply to a cleansed and toned skin morning and night, wait 10 minutes prior to applying make-up and choose a dry sunblock like On The Go Brush On Foundation with Sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF25 to protect the skin during the day and prevent scarring.

As a recap, our four essentials are: Remove Gentle Facial Cleanser, Prepare Spray on Brightening Lotion (toner), AM Day Serum and PM Night Cream.

Step 1:

Remove Gentle Facial Cleanser – Rich in Manuka Honey & Avocado Oil

When it comes to our Remove Gentle Facial Cleanser, a little goes a long way.

  • Simply squeeze out a bit the size of an almond, add a drop or two of warm water.
  • Warm by rubbing the cleanser in your hands.
  • Apply cleanser to the face neck and decollete. (safe to use around the eye & lip area)
  • Gently massage the cleanser around the area being cleansed.
  • Use a clean warm flannel to compress the skin and then remove the cleanser.
  • I recommend repeating the above step, if you’ve been wearing make-up. 

Mindful removal

I sometimes also add a little lemon juice or lemon oil to my warm water. If you have a busy life, then those couple of minutes of mindfulness practicing ‘slow beauty’ really makes a difference to your life. 

Step 2:

Prepare Spray On Brightening Lotion (toner) HERO PRODUCT –  Rich in Manuka Honey & Kiwifruit – Antibacterial

  • Either spray directly onto your face or spray a little into clean hands.
  •  Gently pat into your face, neck, decollete, avoiding the eye area. 
  • Leave the skin to dry and then apply your favorite moisturizer.

Hydrate well

Our Prepare Brightening Spray On Lotion (toner) helps to tone, tighten and even out the skin.

If you have very dry skin on your arms and legs, then you can use the brightening lotion to spray, rub in and feel soft and hydrated.

Step 3:

AM Day Serum – Rich in Manuka Honey Moisturizer & Ponga Fern Seed (Apply after cleansing and toning).  You only need a small amount as it will spread easily and will deliciously soak into your skin

  • Dot the moisturizer over the area to be treated.
  • As it warms to your skin, gently rub in.

PM Night Cream – Rich in Manuka Honey and Bee Venom Moisturizer (Apply after cleansing and toning).  This is a thick moisturizer designed for night-time replenishment.

  • Dot, night cream on your face, neck and decollete.
  • As it warms to your skin gently massage in, allowing your skin to repair and regenerate whilst you sleep.

Suitable for all skin types

Our Manuka honey moisturizers are suitable for all skin types, focused on strengthening the skin natural barrier function.


Tracy Ahern

Founder, Au Natural Skinfood

This is not a solo mission, I’m here to help!

I’m here to give you advice on how to mix up our skinfood offering to best suit you. Be assured, that after four weeks your skin should be accustomed to natural products, settled and problem free.

If you have problem skin or a skin issue, I would love you to fill in our skin consultancy form and I will send you a product recommendation.

Our skin whilst we are all effectively the same, does have its own unique personality just like we do.

About our skin…

Our skin is an organ and is as important as our heart or lungs. Our bodies are so clever and aim to repair damage as it happens. However, we rely on being healthy to support our skin and other organs as nature intended. Having healthy skin can be compared to going to the gym. We need to establish healthy habits and daily routines to get the results we desire.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, performing many vital tasks; it provides a barrier to infection, pathogenic threats and harmful pollution. Despite this, our skin nutrition can often be overlooked and our good intentions to cleanse and fight bad bacteria can go amiss.

Our skin is a microclimate of ‘good bacteria’ necessary to regulate our skin, fight infection and retain moisture.  However, with the increasing use of synthetics, preservatives, parabens and sulphates in traditional skincare, our skin’s natural healing and pH balancing abilities can be dramatically decreased, as good bacteria are stripped, and moisture levels depleted.

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