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Better by Association

Consistent with our values and philosophy, we at Au work hard to bring you the most authentic, effective skinfood solutions. We are constantly striving for better and always searching for the best ingredients that nature can offer.

To help us get this right we engage the independent guidance and validation of professional organisations. All our ingredients are put through rigorous testing to ensure their efficacy on the skin, that they are ethically sourced and grown, and that they deliver the best results in a healthy way. Our aim is provide transparency in the information that we use to market our products, ensuring it is reliable and easy to understand.


NZ Vegetarian Society

Au Natural Skinfood is not tested on animals, and Au strongly opposes cruelty to animals. All Au products carry the NZVS approved trademark. Products carrying the NZVS trademark meet all of the following strict criteria:

  • Free from ingredients derived from animal slaughter, including animal flesh (meat, fowl, fish or shellfish), meat or bone stock, animal carcass fats, gelatin and cochineal.
  • Free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The NZVS emphasises that it is impossible to guarantee that such products are completely in accordance with their vegetarian principles.
  • Free from eggs produced under intensive farming systems (eg battery farms). Free range eggs produced in accordance with the European Union criteria for free range egg farming can be approved.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Not cross-contaminated with non-vegetarian products during production or preparation.

Vegan Certified

Au Natural’s On The Go Mineral Powder Foundation with SPF 25, Superfruit Eye serum and Anti-Ageing Face Oil proudly carry the Vegan Certification. This endorsement gives you the confidence to buy and enjoy your product, safe in the knowledge that it really is 100% animal product free.

Jane Goodall Institute of New Zealand

Dr. Goodall has long been an advocate for the dignity and well-being of all living things, and the Jane Goodall Institute shares her belief that speaking out on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves is our responsibility as fellow inhabitants of this shared earth. The Institute represents a community of businesses and like-minded people who are passionate about environmental advocacy, animal welfare and human rights amongst other issues.


Au Natural Skinfood is proudly New Zealand owned and operated. Our ingredients are sourced almost exclusively from New Zealand. Our people are currently all New Zealand residents. They are highly valued individuals and we ensure that they receive a fair, living wage.

A licence to bear the FernMark is a formal recognition of our direct connection to New Zealand, and your assurance of a credible and authentic New Zealand brand.

Certified 16 + Manuka Honey

Au Natural Skinfood’s Active 16+ Manuka Honey is certified according to MGS verification protocols. The Molan Gold Standard (MGS) is a measure of the attributes and values that make up Manuka honey and assures its purity and quality. To receive an MGS grading, a honey must have the presence of Methylglyoxal. MGS adheres to a code of practice set out by New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries, which is audited by Assure Quality to ensure compliance with quality standard production facility requirements. Strict protocols are set in place by New Zealand law. Each stage of the production process is audited on a regular basis, including harvesting, extraction testing, and packing facilities.

All MGS Manuka Honey is tested and certified by an accredited New Zealand laboratory under the ISO17025 standard, and a lab certificate for any batch of MGS certified honey is available. Each batch of MGS honey is tested for Methylglyoxal, HMF and DHA, Tutin and APC.

Independently Tested (for Sunscreen)

Au’s On The Go Brush-On Mineral Powder Foundation with SPF25 has been formally tested and approved by leading Australian sunscreen and skincare evaluation laboratory Eurofins/Dermatest to the latest Australian sunscreen standards ISO 24444. CE Certification confirms the absence of nanoparticles in our On The Go products.

Pregnancy Safe

All Au Natural Skinfood is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. From the ninth week of pregnancy hormones direct the development of the reproductive and endocrine systems of the baby. To avoid exposing mum and baby to possible endocrine disrupting components, reproductive and developmental toxicants and carcinogens found in personal care items, perfumes and cosmetics, Au has eliminated the use of unsafe chemicals and ingredients applied topically to the skin. This includes Phthalates, Parabens, Fragrances, Toluene, Formaldehyde, P-phenylenediamine or Oxybenzone.

Paraben Free Preservatives

Au products are paraben-free and contain only naturally occurring preservatives. Parabens are used in personal care products and cosmetics to prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria, extending a product’s shelf-life. Compound molecules formed from a combination of acid and alcohol, parabens occur in various forms such as methylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben, and may negatively impact on our immune system, increasing allergies and sensitivity.

Refills of exactly the right quantity of Au Natural Skinfood product are issued to subscribers every eight weeks, avoiding the need for long-life preservatives and the risk of exceeding expiry dates.

BPA Free

All Au Natural Skinfood containers are food grade and BPA free. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s. Exposure to BPA is linked to hormone imbalance, which can have negative effects on growth, cell repair, fetal development and more.

Cruelty Free

We feel passionate about animals’ safety and wellbeing, so we do not test our ingredients or our products on animals.

Professional Memberships

Members of Cosmetics New Zealand (CTFA)

Members of Cosmetics New Zealand (CTFA)

Members of ANZA

Members of ANZA

TAPS approved website

TAPS approved website

Members of Natural Health Products NZ

Members of Natural Health Products NZ

Members of the Sustainable Business Network

Members of the Sustainable Business Network

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