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6 Ways to Increase Skin Cell Turnover for Radiant Skin

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Week three of your chemical detox to natural, effective skincare is here! After two weeks of use your Au Natural Skinfood products, you will now be noticing radiant skin which simply glows. This week, I’m sharing with you four steps to increase your skin cell turnover: a key process in the detox journey.


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As I said last week, our four skincare heroes are still the fundamental players in our journey to help us achieve healthy, radiant skin.

These are:

These four hero products will serve you well in your natural skincare journey. They will act as a protective shield against elements harmful to your skin during the day, and as agents to rejuvenate, heal, and repair your skin at night.


So, you may be wondering: what is skin cell turnover?

It’s a process which happens when your skin sheds to get rid of your dead skin cells. What you’ve lost will be replaced with newer, younger cells. This results in fresh, younger-looking skin.

I’ve got four top tips which will help you to increase your skin cell turnover. Let’s get into it!


  1. Strengthen Your Skin

Collagen acts as our skin’s bodyguard. It protects our skin from harmful bacteria and other irritating elements that threaten to invade our bodies. To keep it performing its job well, we need to make sure our collagen is nourished with amino acids, glycerine, proline, and lysine so it can continue to stand guard and be our strong first line of defense.

We can nourish collagen and skin cell turnover by eating foods that are heavy and rich in protein, such as fish, meat, eggs, beans, nuts, and seeds.


  1. Supplement

As we age, our body produces less collagen compared to when we were younger. By the time we’ve reached our mid-20’s, our collagen starts to deplete. So, supplementing our healthy diet is a must. Aside from eating foods rich in protein to increase our collagen, here at Au Natural Skinfood, we’ve taken boosting collagen one step further with our Hair.Skin.Nails Collagen Powder.

When used in conjunction with other Au Natural Skinfood skincare products, you will notice a real difference. Not only will you have radiant skin, but your hair and nails will be thicker and stronger!


  1. Massage Your Face

Facial oils are delicious food for our skin. Stimulate your skin cell turnover by slowly and carefully massaging the oil on your face as if you’re kneading, but very gently, to keep the blood in your face circulating. Once in this daily habit, over time, your skin cells will regenerate more quickly, and your face will be looking more youthful – even as you age.


  1. Don’t Forget the Retinol!

One of the most effective ingredients for increasing skin cell turnover and fighting aging skin is retinol. It helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines, dull areas, and wrinkles, while keeping our skin clear from blemishes.

Our Dr Au Concentrates Retinol Face Oil No.1 and Level 2 contain plant-based retinol, which is a great option to naturally boost skin cell turnover.


So, there you have it – my four tips to improving skin cell turnover! By using our Au Natural Skinfood essential products, you will not only see an improvement in your skin cell turnover, but also in how youthful and radiant your skin looks!

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I am here to help and support you on your journey to healthy skin. Please contact me directly through [email protected] – I would love to hear your experience and answer any questions that you might have.

Tracy – Founder, Au Natural Skinfood