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All about PM: Night Crème

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Aú Natural Skinfood’s PM Night Crème has specifically concentrated New Zealand ingredients including Pure Bee Venom and Active 16+ Manuka honey, that work in perfect harmony together whilst you sleep. Designed to balance all skin types, PM Night Crème will actively feed your skin, heal, reduce irritation, repair and restore your skin while giving it new life.  This night crème gently tackles the signs of aging, and long term use will deliver permanent strengthening of the skin’s barrier function and ability to fight external damage.


Key facts

By harnessing the natural power of Manuka Honey, Bee Venom and a range of antioxidants, this unique Night Crème rejuvenates skin while you sleep, giving you brighter, plumper and more hydrated skin.

By applying Bee Venom to the skin, you trigger a unique natural reaction that cannot be replicated by other means. When used, the skin is painlessly tricked into thinking you have been stung, which stimulates increased blood-flow to the affected areas in response, as well as triggering the production of more collagen and elastin.

These natural reactions can have a huge impact on the health and appearance of your skin, making it appear firmer and more plump, as well as promoting hydration and helping to protect against sun damage and blemishes.

It goes without saying that no bees are harmed in the process of producing Bee Venom, and your skin is able to reap the benefits of their protective instincts!


How to use

Apply night crème after cleansing and toning. Place the crème on your face, neck and décolleté, then gently massage into your skin to allow it to nourish and repair while you sleep.



This is a multi-functional treatment product, so if you have an insect bite or area of skin somewhere else on your body in need of repair, Aú Natural Skinfood’s PM Night Crème will promote skin repair, reduce redness and swelling, and speed up recovery time.



Key ingredients

New Zealand Active 16+ Manuka Honey

Calms and softens the skin, while reducing redness.

New Zealand Manuka Oil

A strong agent for promoting skin health and natural healing.

New Zealand Avocado Oil

Contains vitamins A and E. It moisturises and softens, protecting the skin from dryness and promoting elasticity.

New Zealand Pure Bee Venom

Supports cell regeneration and the production of the collagen and elastin resulting in stronger, healthier skin.

New Zealand Kiwifruit Extract

High in essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants, it is a wonderful anti-ageing extract. It has been scientifically proven to inhibit melanin production.

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