Probiotics vs Prebiotics: Inside and Out

When it comes to prebiotics vs probiotics, I’m a firm believer that when these are used in conjunction, both topically and orally, remarkable skin benefits can be seen. Probiotics (particularly those found in food) are buzzwords at the forefront of health and wellness conversations. You may already be aware that they live in your favourite […]

Valentine’s day gift guide

At Au Natural Skinfood, HEART is at the center of everything we do!                                                                Healthy Skin                   […]

Marine Collagen vs Bovine Collagen

Marine collagen vs bovine collagen, what is the difference? This is a question that I get quite often from clients. My previous blog about marine collagen explained about the process we use to create collagen at Au Natural Skinfood, and why we opted for the Marine collagen. In this post I aim to explain a […]

Sustainable Palm Oil: A better choice?

In our last blog post, we discussed why palm oil is so ubiquitous and yet so problematic. It’s a super-oil that has properties not found in alternatives. And while its use has serious implications for the environment, alternatives would actually consume more land and cause more environmental damage. In this post, I discuss the next […]

YES or NO to Palm Oil in Cosmetics?

Is palm oil bad

Is palm oil bad, really? By now, you have probably heard that palm oil (PO) is bad. Maybe you’ve been told that you should purchase products that don’t contain it. Or maybe you’ve thought about boycotting brands that use it. But do you know exactly what PO is or why it is found in so […]

Sustainability for Climate Change!

In December 2019 – Our founder Tracy swapped her car for an “e bike” and she has never looked back!   “Individual behavioural change is collective change” In a world of 7.2 billion people, your decision to cycle to work or commit to meat-free Mondays can seem, well, all a bit pointless. We at Aú […]

New skin in 2021? Micro-needling can be the answer!

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “micro-needling”, and wondered exactly what it was. Maybe you’re already interested in trying micro-needling but want to learn more about it. Or maybe you’re already micro-needling and want to know if it’s safe to use Au Natural Skinfood products at the same time. Read on to learn all about micro-needling. […]

5 tips for sustainable living this holiday!

Sustainable Living

Are you like me? Trying so hard to fight the “excess” battle but find old habits creeping in over the holidays, because it is just all in the too hard basket? Here are some of my tips to become sustainable this holiday season. I think, if anything, this year has taught me to STOP, look […]

What To Expect During A Skin Detox

Have you ever thought about skin detox? Do you even need to detox your skin? let’s find out.   If you regularly  purchase cosmetics and skincare you assume they are safe to use. After all, they wouldn’t be allowed on the market if they weren’t, right? Well, not exactly. Although regulations greatly depend on the […]

Biome-positive Skincare: Slow Down Aging & Boost Dry Skin

This blog is the fourth and final in a series of blogs about Biome-positive skincare and how a balance of bacteria on your skin is crucial for a healthy skin microbiome. In this series I talked about the benefits of biome-positive skincare, How biome-positive skincare help reduce acne & regulate oil, and the effect of […]

Biome-positive Skincare: Ease Eczema & Help Sensitive Skin

eczema skin

Last week we published a blog about Biome-positive skincare and how a balance of bacteria on your skin is crucial for a healthy skin microbiome. You can read the whole thing here. This week, we’re focusing on how using Biome-positive skincare to create a healthy skin microbiome can ease eczema and help sensitive skin.   […]

Biome-positive Skincare: Reduce Acne & Regulate Oil Flow

Last week I published a blogpost about Biome-positive skincare and how a balance of bacteria on your skin is crucial for a healthy skin microbiome. This week, we’re focusing on the effect of Biome-positive skincare to create a healthy skin microbiome. A healthy skin microbiome improve problem skin and regulate oil flow.   Some studies have […]