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Biome-positive Skincare: Slow Down Aging & Boost Dry Skin

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This blog is the fourth and final in a series of blogs about Biome-positive skincare and how a balance of bacteria on your skin is crucial for a healthy skin microbiome. In this series I talked about the benefits of biome-positive skincare, How biome-positive skincare help reduce acne & regulate oil, and the effect of biome-positive skincare on easing eczema and helping sensitive skin.


This week, we’re focusing on how using Biome-positive skincare can slow down aging and boost dry skin.


Did you know that your skin’s pH changes over time? As it turns out, our skin’s pH rises as we age. That’s problematic because having a pH between 4.2-5.6 helps keep bad bacteria at bay.  The good news is probiotics can help bring your skin’s pH back into balance so that it functions like much younger skin. I have already discussed the benefits of probiotics here for more details on this.


You’ve probably heard of free radicals and know that they play a role in aging. But did you know that probiotics can help keep free radicals and free radical scavengers in balance? Using probiotics to help reduce free radicals also helps slow down your skin’s aging process.


Probiotics also play a part in protecting your skin from UV damage and modulating your immune system. That means you’ll enjoy healthier skin with fewer changes from UV exposure.


Au Natural Skinfood biome-positive recommendations


Try our Remove Gentle Facial Cleanser to help restore your skin’s microbiome and strengthen your defenses against environmental damage. It’s even safe to use around the eyes! The Manuka Honey and plant extracts in Remove also work to rid your skin of environmental toxins, while avocado oil deeply moisturizes your skin.


I hope that this information helps you if you have aging or dry skin.


In kindness,

Tracy, Au Natural Skinfood Founder

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