How much facial cleanser should you use?

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How much natural facial cleanser is enough? Do you ask yourself, “am I using too much and wasting product or am I not using enough and compromising my skin?” Like everything in life, there is not a one glove fits all solution, staying on the conservative side is a great approach, as using too much product can leave your skin feeling dry, tight and uncomfortable.


At Au Natural Skinfood, we are not about selling you more, but rather about outcomes for healthier skin, the correct amount to use is about the size of a hazelnut. Applying this amount will not only allow the cleanser to do its job properly, cleaning the skin and helping maintain your natural pH balance, but will also help your product last longer.


Remember to use your pH stabilising Prepare Facial Toner after cleansing, this will prepare your skin to optimise your chosen Au Natural Skinfood’s moisturiser.


What to know more about how to keep your skin clean with Au Natural Skinfood’s Remove Natural Facial Cleanser rich in Active 16+ Manuka Honey, which will fight bad bacteria on the skin whilst strengthening the skins natural barrier function. Shop your Au Natural Remove Natural Facial Cleanser.