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mineral sunscreen

Mineral sunscreen vs. chemical sunscreen

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By now, you’ve probably heard the terms ‘mineral sunscreen’ and ‘chemical sunscreen’. But maybe you’re not sure what these terms mean exactly, or if one is better than the other.


Recent FDA study finds alarming levels of chemicals from sunscreen in the bloodstream.

We know that wearing sunscreen is extremely important for protection against UV radiation from the sun and from the blue light from our smartphones and devices. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful about what sunscreen you are buying and applying. A recent FDA study found that the body absorbs certain active ingredients in chemical sunscreens at levels that far surpass the FDA’s safety limit. You can read the article here.


So, what do you do when you want protection from the sun, but don’t want all those nasties absorbed into your skin?! The answer: mineral sunscreen.


We feel at Au Natural Skinfood that we have answered a real need for a simple, 100% cruelty-free sunscreen product that can be easily applied throughout the day to provide sun and blue light protection; our On the Go Mineral Brush On Foundation with Sunscreen.


mineral sunscreen


The perfect sunscreen and mineral powder in one.


If you are looking for a chemical-free mineral sunscreen that doesn’t run, doesn’t feel sticky on your skin and gives you a healthy natural glow, read on!


Au Natural Skinfood’s On the Go Mineral Brush On Foundation with Sunscreen is a mineral powder foundation combined with a broad spectrum SPF 25. Made in New Zealand using only natural sunscreen ingredients, On The Go mineral sunscreen will provide ongoing protection throughout the day from environmental damage, decreasing the risk of free radical damage and signs of aging, while providing beautiful light coverage. We recently obtained the Vegan Certification for this product, meaning that, although our entire range is already Vegetarian Society certified and 100% cruelty-free, you can rest assured that you are enjoying skincare that is 100% animal product free.


On The Go mineral sunscreen is a non-greasy powder that can be applied directly onto the skin or used as a finishing powder to set make-up. Imperfections are corrected, redness is reduced and the skin is protected from the sun – all in one convenient step.


On The Go comes in three shades – light, medium and dark. When applied to the skin, these mineral sunscreen powders will warm and blend with the skin’s natural toning. No mess from loose powders and no separate brush needed, making it ideal for an active lifestyle and for quick touch ups throughout the day. Simply sweep the brush in a circular motion over the face and body to release the powder.



What is titanium dioxide, and is it good for your skin?


On the Go Mineral Brush On Foundation with Sunscreen uses titanium dioxide, a key inorganic sun filter which is now used in many natural sun care applications. Titanium dioxide which was recently under the spotlight of European regulators – but in a good way! It is considered the ingredient of choice in terms of safety for formulations intended for babies and sensitive skin, as organic sun filters are being questioned for their potential toxicity and endocrine disruption (the glands that produce hormones).


Au Natural Skinfood has chosen to use a titanium dioxide with NO nano-particles, making our finished product “non-nano” – meaning no nano particles are being absorbed into your skin. The formulation that we have created sits on the skin and allows for a broad UV protection, so you can be free of worry when using On the Go Mineral Brush On Foundation with Sunscreen.



Learn more about On The Go and shop yours here.


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