Sustainable Easter – Some Easter Inspiration from Au Natural Skinfood

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Easter is one of the longest holidays of the year and no matter what your beliefs are it is often an opportunity to get together with friends and family, spend time together and make lifelong memories.


One-night last week my daughter Makaela and I sat down to see how we could put together a sustainable late brunch that would be affordable for 18 people – one table of 10 and one of 8.  We pledged not to buy chocolate eggs this year, use what we already had at home or make it ourselves, to keep a track of the costs and try to make sure that if we did buy something that it could be used for years to come.



To start we went on line to look at second hand books to get some inspiration, we bought two from an AMAZING on line second hand, cook-book shop, one book had iced biscuits, the other was table settings for all special occasions. Research and planning are the main ingredients for all successful projects, this was no exception and we spent the next few days busily working out what we could do.


We discussed as a family how we could have an affordable Easter without losing the fun element, some practical money saving things can be simply if you are going away that you switch off all the plugs, lights and appliances in your home before you close the front door, good for your pocket and amazing for the planet.  If you are driving long distance pack a picnic instead of stopping for fast food, stop on the side of the road and enjoy your picnic with your family, this will create much more of a memory than a “drive through” will be healthier and cheaper.  Take cards and board games, they never disappoint.  Interestingly once you sit as a family and have that discussion it is inspirational what we all actually come up with, communication and being on board as a team is what it’s all about.


We had some recycled (newly washed) artificial grass from my grandsons play house, some hessian table runners from a bookclub dinner a couple of years ago, white platters, a couple of baskets, rosemary and veggies in the garden.  We bought 9 sets of 2 each ceramic white egg cups at $3.50 each.



Menu to include fresh fruit with homemade yoghurt, carrots and celery with homemade hummus, homemade hot-cross buns with BeeBio Honey, soft boiled eggs with home-made brown toast and of course an Easter cake, lemon chick meringues and homemade Easter Eggs.


But what about an Easter Egg hunt for the kiddies??  We decided to colour in bunnies on to card, attach to wooden skewer sticks, we would make many and put them all through the garden.  The children could find them and bring them in, we could put them away and keep for years to come. As a reward all children could get a wee basket of home iced biscuits as a wee treat!




With all the planning done, we wrote a list of what to buy and started cooking, yes it took a couple of evenings to get it all done but is was honestly great fun.  Our total dollar spend was $169.40, less that $10.00 a head, not bad for a holiday meal.


I guess in the end it comes down to taking time to spend with your loved ones, enjoy planning for these simple events, whether it’s a brunch a roast or even a pot luck, keep it simple, look around you and use what you already have in your home and your garden.  My most favourite memory of this project was hand painting the hard boiled eggs with my grandson, what you do with love will shine!



At Au Natural Skinfood our team are constantly looking for new ways that we can reduce single-use plastic, not only with our skincare products but also at work and home.


Happy Easter Holidays and thank you for supporting Au Natural Skinfood.


– Tracy

Au Natural Skinfood  : For Your Skin- For Our Planet.  #leaveitbetter

The Hot Cross Buns that we made were a Jamie Oliver recipe:

These were really easy to make, we did add a generous amount of home made apricot jam to the glazing and served warm with dried apricots & butter – Delicious!