Treating rosacea with Au

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Rosacea means red as a rose and is a chronic condition characterized by inflammation of the skin on the face, which causes reddening and flushing. Flare ups are erratic, meaning that rosacea sufferers have good days and bad days.  Unfortunately the condition is still not fully understood, and what works for one person may not work for another. Largely, we know that rosacea is caused by genetics and by blood vessels that are not functioning as they should, which could be due to many different factors.  Once there is a presence of rosacea, there are many triggers that can worsen the condition and they include stress, vigorous exercise, diet, alcohol, sun, hot drinks, spicy food, medications and extreme weather.


The healthier and stronger our skin is the less likely it is to flare up, even if we are prone to rosacea. Healthy skin will prevent water loss and subsequent penetration of  irritants and chemicals. A disrupted skin barrier will instead allow problematic amounts of water to evaporate from the skin, leading to chronic dryness and sensitivity complicated by irritants and chemicals now being able to penetrate the skin. By improving the skin’s barrier, the likelihood of irritation is decreased, skin is more moist, blood vessel reactivity is slowed down and harmful flushing is decreased.


If you are prone to rosacea, try to avoid skincare products with alcohol, essential oils, exfoliating acids like glycolic, alkalinic ingredients such as detergents, laureth sulphate, natural ceramides, benzol peroxide and alkaline cleansers. A poor diet will also aggravate rosacea- make sure you have a balanced intake of Omega 3 and 6, essential fatty acids and water, as they also support the development and maintenance of healthy skin barrier function.


Can Au Help?

We conducted our own case studies with the New Zealand Ministry of Science & Innovation, which prove that using Active 16+ Manuka Honey with New Zealand Pure Bee Venom and powerful antioxidants reduces dark aged spots and greatly increases skin cell renewal resulting in a stronger, thicker skin. New Zealand Bee Venom promotes skin cell regeneration without stripping the skin of its oils, while promoting blood circulations to the surface of the skin.


At Au Natural Skinfood we think that routine and persistence are often the answer to delivering results, and reactive decisions to skin imperfections often don’t work. Quick ‘miracle treatments’ might fix the imperfection in the short term but, unless you address the cause of the issue, it is likely to reoccur. Using the Au Essentials (Remove CleanserPrepare TonerAM Day Serum and PM Night Crème) routinely over time will help your skin build durable strength and a thicker, healthier skin barrier. As a result, your skin will appear plumper, moisturised and glowy. Find out more on how to take the right steps in your skincare, and shop the range here.