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Changing the world one face at a time

Join the #AuNaturalRevolution and reuse, reduce and recycle.

Au Natural Skinfood is formulated from pure, natural, nourishing ingredients ethically sourced from New Zealand. Whatever Au borrows from the environment, Au gives back. Au Natural Skinfood is helping to reduce the 480 billion single-use bottles wasted every year, by providing you with reusable bottles and plant-based eco-pouch refills. Au is changing the world one face at a time. Be part of the change.


When we know something is wrong, we have a responsibility to do something about it


Whatever we touch, we have a responsibility to leave it better for the next generation


We are putting the environment ahead of human convenience – we must reuse, reduce, recycle

Thinking green is a principal philosophy of Au Natural. We are all responsible for the guardianship and care of our planet, and at Au Natural, we think green with every step that we take. For us sustainability is a journey, and ours has just begun – join us, and think green too.


Every year, you could be using at least 24 single-use plastic containers for your skincare routine – that’s 1,400 plastic containers over a lifetime. Au only uses four aluminium containers that you refill over and over again with product delivered to your door in plant-based eco-pouches. All Au packaging and shipping materials are eco-friendly and recyclable or compostable.

800 years in landfill

Every year 400 billion plastic bottles are used once, and left in landfill to break down over 800 years

30 seconds to refill

Au Natural bottles are used over and over again with plant-based eco-pouch refills.

Reuse. Reduce. Recycle.

Instead of buying new containers of your favourite products each time, with Au Natural Skinfood you simply refill. Au products are supplied in refillable aluminium bottles. Then they’re resupplied using reduced-sized eco-packs. All Au packaging and shipping materials are eco-friendly and recyclable.


Reusing your Au Natural Skinfood containers is taking a huge step towards ridding our planet of single-use plastic bottles and unnecessary packaging, ensuring that the lifecycle of our containers is maximised, that the usage is optimised and when exhausted the containers can be fully recycled. Your first delivery of Au Natural Skinfood products comes in reusable aluminium containers.


At Au we are committed to reducing the amount of packaging used in supplying your skincare products to you. With our fully recyclable aluminium or glass containers, what you see, is what you get, no false bottoms or over-sized lids. Au Natural Skinfood refills are supplied in reduced-size plant based eco-pouches that weigh considerably less than containers, reducing our overall footprint.


Au is the world’s first skincare brand, delivering a complete skincare range using 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging. Focused on minimising the environmental impact, Au’s packaging is reusable and refillable, via plant-based eco-refills, that are carbon negative, reducing the typical packaging footprint of retail skincare, by 75% across the entire supply chain.

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