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Tracy Ahern - Founder Au Natural Skinfood

When you’ve been in the skincare industry for over two decades, you’ve seen a lot of fads come and go. From no-nutrient fillers to chemicals that actually do more damage than good, it’s scary what the skincare industry claims can help you.

With the conviction of radical transparency and environmental urgency, Tracy Ahern set out on a mission to create a range of skincare that is so simple and so effective you can literally eat it. Tracy believes that the same level of care we put in what we feed our bodies should be applied to what we feed our skin… Au Natural Skinfood challenges the status quo of skincare and proves that ‘less truly is more.’ With limited ingredients that are all high-potency, her products encourage the skin’s natural healing ability and remove the need for harsh chemicals and surgical procedures.

In addition to demystifying skincare ingredients, Tracy is also combating single-use plastics with a bold approach to packaging and refills. AU Natural Skinfood is the first skincare brand in the world to use plant-based eco-refills that reduce the carbon footprint of our packaging by 70%. Our revolutionary eco-refills are made from annually renewable sources and are fully recyclable as well as carbon negative. This means they absorb more carbon out of the atmosphere than it actually uses to produce.

Prior to Au Natural Skinfood, Tracy opened up her first beauty store in 1994, followed by growing one of the country’s premier spa chains.  Skin care is in her DNA and she is determined to help people feed their skin the right way.
Au Natural is derived from the French term “au naturale,” meaning back to raw form. This is the basis of our philosophy; to use raw ingredients that feed the skin and encourage natural barrier repair with every use. By sourcing premium ingredients straight from New Zealand, we have built an unparalleled sustainable skin care formula that works on all skin types and challenges industry standards. We champion transparency and aim to better the planet by avoiding plastic use altogether.
Wanting to make a real difference she has developed a 12 week skin detox challenge so that members have the support as they transition to clean beauty.


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