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Tracy Ahern - Founder Au Natural Skinfood

Skincare innovator Tracy Ahern is the Founder of Au Natural Skinfood, a range of high-potency, natural skincare products. Using the finest raw ingredients straight from New Zealand, Au Natural Skinfood’s products encourage the skin’s natural healing ability, counter-balancing the use of harsh chemicals or reliance on surgical procedures. Au Natural products feed the skin the nutrients it needs, free of preservatives, parabens, nanoparticles, and toxic fillers.

Tracy is a serial entrepreneur in the skincare industry. With three decades of experience, she knows the difference between what’s effective and what’s a fad. Tracy opened her first beauty clinic in 1994, followed by growing one of the country’s premier spa chains over the past two decades. Skin care is in her DNA and she is determined to help everyone in her community achieve healthy skin.

In addition to combating the beauty industry’s use of harsh chemicals in skincare, Au Natural Skinfood is tackling excessive use of single-use plastics and unnecessary packaging – from eco-refill pouches made from sugarcane, to home compostable packaging offering a fully refillable solution for skincare. This approach is creating a reduction of up to 75% in packaging volume through the supply chain and significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

“My mission as a beauty innovator is to deliver the most effective skincare treatments in packaging that has the least impact on our environment.” (Tracy Ahern)


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