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Shipping & delivery information

We deliver worldwide from our headquarters in New Zealand.

Delivery charges

For subscribers, your Bundle will be delivered to you with free shipping.

Note: if you live in a region where customs surcharges apply, a fee will apply.

If you add products to your Bundle, these will be billed monthly and delivered every eight weeks with your subscription, and you will not be charged for shipping.

If you buy one-off products for immediate dispatch, a shipping fee will apply for orders under $100.

Shipping fees
New Zealand NZD 4.99
Zone A – Australia AUD 8.95
Zone B – South Pacific USD 9.95
Zone C – Asia USD 5.95
Zone D – Europe, USA/North America USD 9.95
Zone E – Rest of world USD 14.95
Country surcharges

We have listed any countries that have additional fixed surcharges for liquids or cosmetics (USD):

Armenia 8.95
Azerbaijan 8.95
Bahrain 8.95
Iraq 8.95
Israel 8.95
Jordan 8.95
Kuwait 8.95
Lebanon 8.95
Oman 8.95
Qatar 8.95
Saudi Arabia 8.95
Turkey 8.95
United Arab Emirates 8.95
Yemen 8.95
Afghanistan 8.95
Brunei 8.95
Cambodia 8.95
East Timor 8.95
Indonesia 8.95
Laos 8.95
Malaysia 8.95
Philippines 8.95
Myanmar 8.95
Kazakhstan 8.95
Kyrgyzstan 8.95
Kyrgyzstan 8.95
Tajikistan 8.95
Turkmenistan 8.95
Uzbekistan 8.95
Uzbekistan 8.95
Bangladesh 8.95
Bhutan 8.95
India 14.95
Maldives 8.95
Nepal 8.95
Pakistan 8.95
Sri Lanka 8.95
British Indian Ocean Territory 8.95
Bolivia 8.95
Colombia 8.95
Ecuador 8.95
French Guiana 8.95
Guyana 8.95
Paraguay 8.95
Peru 8.95
Suriname 8.95
Uruguay 8.95
Venezuela 8.95
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) 8.95
Belize 8.95
Costa Rica 8.95
El Salvador 8.95
Honduras 8.95
Guatemala 8.95
Nicaragua 8.95
Panama 8.95
Bahamas 8.95
Haiti 8.95
Dominican Republic 8.95
Barbados 8.95
Trinidad and Tobago 8.95
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 8.95
Cayman Islands 8.95
Anguilla 8.95
Antigua and Barbuda 8.95
Aruba 8.95
Bermuda 8.95
Dominica 8.95
Grenada 8.95
Guadeloupe 8.95
Jamaica 8.95
Martinique 8.95
Montserrat 8.95
Netherlands Antilles 8.95
Saint Kitts and Nevis 8.95
Saint Lucia 8.95
Turks and Caicos Islands 8.95
Virgin Islands (British) 8.95
Tanzania 9.95
Kenya 9.95
Uganda 9.95
Rwanda 9.95
Burundi 9.95
Djibouti 9.95
Eritrea 9.95
Ethiopia 9.95
Comoros 9.95
Mauritius 9.95
Seychelles 9.95
Malawi 9.95
Zambia 9.95
Zimbabwe 9.95
Madagascar 9.95
Mayotte 9.95
Mozambique 9.95
Reunion 9.95
Angola 9.95
Cameroon 9.95
Central African Republic 9.95
Chad 9.95
Congo Democratic Republic of 9.95
Equatorial Guinea 9.95
Gabon 9.95
Sao Tome and Principe 9.95
Algeria 9.95
Egypt 9.95
Libya 9.95
Morocco 9.95
Tunisia 9.95
Western Sahara 9.95
Botswana 9.95
Lesotho 9.95
Namibia 9.95
South Africa 9.95
Swaziland 9.95
Benin 9.95
Burkina Faso 9.95
Cape Verde 9.95
Ivory Coast 9.95
Gambia 9.95
Ghana 9.95
Guinea 9.95
Guinea-Bissau 9.95
Liberia 9.95
Mali 9.95
Niger 9.95
Nigeria 9.95
Senegal 9.95
Sierra Leone 9.95
Togo 9.95
Mauritania 9.95
Saint Helena 9.95

We will use all reasonable efforts to ship your order to the address specified in the order via New Zealand Post. Please ensure your delivery address, email and phone number are accurate to facilitate delivery on time.

If you place your order on a New Zealand business day (Monday – Friday) before 1 pm our aim is to process and ship that day, otherwise, we will process within 24 hours.

Orders made over the weekend or on a public holiday, will be processed on the following business day.

Estimated delivery times
Zone Estimated total delivery time
New Zealand 1 – 3 days
Australia 3 – 8 days
South Pacific 5 – 8 days
Asia 5 – 8 days
Europe, USA/North America 5 – 8 days
Rest of world 5 – 10 days

All times above exclude any customs or boarder control inspections if applicable.

Order tracking

You can track your order in your online Account using the Tracking Number that was emailed to you with your dispatch notification. You can also find your current Tracking Number in your main Account page.

Your main Account page will also let you know what the Status of your delivery is (e.g. pending, dispatched, in transit, out for delivery, delivered).

If your Status says your product has been delivered but you did not receive it, please contact our Customer Service team.


We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If there is a problem with your order, it is not correct, or there is a defect, please contact us as soon as possible to describe the problem and allow us to resolve the issue.

Send all emails to the Au Natural Skincare Customer Service team.

No goods will be accepted for return without prior authorization. We will respond to your request and determine the best way to quickly resolve the problem.

Faulty items

If the item is faulty, we will meet our obligations under the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act to provide a remedy.

We are committed to ensuring that the items you buy from us are consistently produced in line with our rigid quality specification requirements. If your items are faulty we apologise for the inconvenience.

Please contact the Au Natural Skincare Customer Service team to discuss a resolution.

Items damaged in transit

If your items arrive damaged, please keep all the contents including the packaging or parcel that the items arrived in. Please contact the Au Natural Skincare Customer Service team.

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