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Dr. Au Superfruit Eye Serum

A concentrated, repairing eye serum rich in hydrating antioxidants

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Highly effective, natural ingredients

No chemicals, no additives. Only the best that nature has to offer.

9 Berries' Extract

Au Natural Skinfood has chosen this complex which is composed of 9 berries with complementary properties including deep nourishment, antioxidant activity, anti- ageing, anti-inflammatory and restructuring characteristics.

9 Berries Extract - Au Natural Skinfood Natural Ingredients

Pure Ribrose

Pure Ribrose is a key molecule present in all living cells necessary as a source of energy. Over time skin cells undergo various stresses, which make the cell’s energy reserves fall. By supplementing skin with Ribrose, cell energy recovery is accelerated and optimum condition for skin cell to fight the signs of ageing are provided.

Au Natural Skinfood - Ribrose Natural Ingredients

New Zealand Avocado Oil

 New Zealand Avocado Oil provides nourishment for the skin. It is rich in anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins A,D & E, potassium, and lecithin, which are the primary skin-feeding nutrients. They provide energy for the fortification of existing cells and boost the skin’s ability to generate new, stronger cells for the growth and health of new skin.

New Zealand Avocado Oil - Au Natural Skinfood Ingredients

Results proven by science

The ingredients used in Au Natural Skinfood’s Superfruit Eye Serum are packed with nutrients and are rich in anti-ageing, antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Au Natural has put these ingredients to the test, and their efficacy is scientifically proven.

Acai Berry In SKincare - Au NAtural SKinfood - Scientifically Proven SKincare
Antioxidant Bilberry - Au Natural SKinfood - Scientifically Proven Skincare
Antioxidant Power Strawberries - Au NAtural sKinfood - Scientifically Proven Skincare

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