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    Keeping your skin happy and healthy is not as complicated as the beauty industry portrays.

    Feed your soul. Feed your beliefs. Feed your skin.

Au Natural Skinfood healthy skin micobiome manuka honey

Problem skin comes from an imbalance in our skin microbiome

Our skin is nurtured from the moment we’re born, passed down to us from our mothers, and is constantly evolving throughout our lives through interaction with our environment, nature and lifestyle.

Our skin is constantly bombarded with modern chemicals, hand sanitizers, cosmetics and shampoos that contain antimicrobial preservatives and other ingredients that deteriorate our skin’s natural defence mechanism – leaving our skin sensitive.

Current research strongly supports the role of the microbiome in modulating the inflammatory response on the skin and in the gut.  Any imbalance of the microbiome can set up the conditions for inflammation/sensitivity resulting in skin problems such as acne, eczema and rosacea.

Au Natural skinfood healthy skin microbiome

Our approach to healthy skin

Looking after your skin shouldn’t be complicated, you really don’t need 20 products. We’ve combined plant-based skincare solutions to create the simplest morning and night routines – convenient and easy.

Based on the scientific research, our products were born from clinical trials on the effect of Active 16+ Manuka honey on the skin, particularly the unique antibacterial properties on the skin microbiome, to promote good bacteria whilst reducing bad bacteria.

Your skin is only as good as what you feed it.   Our products are carefully designed to strengthen our skins microbiome so that we can use our own skins natural defence system to fight environmental damage and common skin complaints. Our products are designed with this philosophy in mind, to suit all skin types and ages.  Our plant-based skincare ingredients are so pure you can literally eat them.

We believe that restoring and maintaining beneficial bacteria is the answer to healthy skin.

Safe and effective

We don’t think you should have to choose between safe and effective. From our pure, zero-waste skincare ingredients to our environmental footprint, our goal is to keep it clean. Au Natural Skinfood only add in what is necessary and proven.

Au Naturals Skinfood’s hero ingredient Active 16+ Manuka honey contains potent prebiotic anti-oxidants which have been shown to improve the viability of bacteria on the skin.  That is why you’ll find Active 16+ Manuka honey is trusted in hospitals all around the world for topical skin healing.

Being the hero ingredient in most of our products, this is the perfect way to control and keep your skins biome healthy.

Healthy skin microbiome and manuka honey

Your skin microbiome

Invisible to the naked eye, our bodies play host to trillions of microorganisms. Just like our gut relies on good bacteria and probiotics, our skin relies on good bacteria to help us be healthy as well. This ecosystem is called the skin microbiome.

Pre and Pro biotics – what they are and what’s the difference?
Probiotics are live microorganisms which can prove beneficial to many bodily processes. To put it simply, they are ‘good bacteria’ and have been used for centuries due to their healing qualities. As well as being commonly found in fermented foods and some yeasts.  They also occur naturally in our gastrointestinal system and on the surface of our skin.

Prebiotics while lesser-known are substances which promote the growth and stimulation of helpful bacteria in the gut and on skin. They are the ‘food source’ of probiotics that keep them active and functioning optimally.

When probiotics are used in conjunction with prebiotics, they have a synergistic effect and have been shown to have a positive effect on aiding both the gut and the skin’s natural reaction against inflammation and allergens, also increasing our skin’s moisture levels and elasticity.

We make it easy with Bundles

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A simple skin solution that empowers you to naturally look and feel your absolute best


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A simple wellness habit, consisting of natural, sustainably packaged skincare products delivered to your door every two months


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