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The Au Natural journey

Constantly evolving and innovating

Au Natural Skinfood’s journey began back in 2016 when co-founders Tony and Tracy Ahern conceived the idea of a true end-to-end sustainable skincare solution – one that would challenge the norm of the cosmetics industry and care for the health of the environment as well as the body.

Au Natural is derived from the French term “au naturale”, meaning back to raw form, and this is the basis of their philosophy, to use raw natural ingredients to feed the skin, encouraging natural repair.

Initially just the team of two operating from humble surroundings, Au’s original focus was on crafting beautiful, highly effective skincare formulations using only the best New Zealand natural ingredients. While working hard to eliminate everything harmful within the products they recognised the need to address that which was harmful on the outside.

They did not like the term disruptor’s, today disruption is a constant. They were deliberately challenging the traditional skin care model, with a focus on skin health and actual results, premium products at affordable prices, and the elimination of single use plastic. Concerned about the ever-growing list of unpronounceable new ingredients in skincare, they felt motivated to develop a range of raw and natural products, assuring members that what they put on their bodies, would give them healthy skin, devoid of preservatives, parabens, nano-particles and toxic fillers. Your skin is only as good as what you feed it!

Skincare and beauty packaging contributes to the devastating plastic pollution threatening our planet; the carbon footprint linked to its production is high. Whereas other skincare companies have largely ignored the packaging challenge, Tony and Tracy saw this as an opportunity for innovation with the chance to make a difference. The Au focus was quickly refined, the team was extended, and the #AuNaturalRevolution for a more conscious concept of skincare began.

Here at Au, we subscribe to better. We actively promote integrity, transparency and sustainability, and we’re committed to driving positive change for the benefit of your health and that of the planet. Our product range is expanding beyond the essentials and we continue to search for even greener and healthier solutions. No-one should have to compromise the planet or their health for beauty!

To truly care for your skin and tread lightly on the planet join the #AuNaturalRevolution.

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