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Meeting our hero Dr Jane Goodall, Government House, NZ.

Our Story, so far...

We know clean beauty matters and we all deserve access to affordable, natural skincare. It’s why we’ve poured a whole lot of goodness, kindness and loving care into creating a truly ethical beauty range we call “skinfood”. Now we can proudly say it’s one of the best Manuka honey skincare products in the market.

Au Natural Skinfood is totally sustainable skincare for a fearlessly healthy face, confidence and a carefree attitude. We know all about the feel-good factor of our clean beauty range because we use it ourselves to heal our skin and Mother Nature … every single day.

Au Natural Skinfood is the result of New Zealand founders Tracy and Tony Ahern combining forces in 2016. Having been in the beauty business for over 30 years.

We were determined to craft an affordable skincare range, based on the science of nature. We had a vision to formulate effective clean beauty – made from New Zealand’s best, most natural ingredients, packaged and delivered in a way that would nurture Mother Earth.

Deeply concerned about the ever-growing list of unpronounceable new ingredients in skincare, we decided to develop an ethical beauty range from the most healing ingredient of all – Manuka honey (used by hospitals to topically heal skin).

Au Natural is a delicious, no-nasties natural beauty – devoid of preservatives, parabens, nano-particles and toxic fillers. What makes it one of the best Manuka honey skincare products currently in the market.

Designed to repair and care, it nourishes healthy skin by stimulating cell turnover and supporting it to maintain a low pH balance.

Au Natural Skinfood Tracy And Tony Ahern

Our Mission

Au Natural Skinfood is on a mission to help the world detox from chemical beauty, while leaving our planet better at the same time.

It’s not the plastic, it’s us!   We are an unconscious civilization that puts our immediate convenience ahead of our habitat. In simple “we are destroying the only planet we have and that of future generations to come”.  We want to stop single use everything – from packaging, cups, shoes to children’s toys, and educate and encourage the behaviour of all to Re-Use, Reduce & Refill.

Make products for betterment!  Sounds normal for any manufacturer to make products the best they can be, right? Wrong, many of today’s industries put more ingredients on the label than they do in the product and fill the rest with chemicals that are not about ‘your betterment.’

We have formulated our natural skinfood with a focus on your betterment – healthy skin! More concentration of the good stuff – that has science backing, no bad stuff and no fillers, plus a simple routine that promotes ‘less is more’.

Leave It Better!   This is the role for all of us, and especially businesses that are super consumers of resources. Whatever we touch and consume, we must leave it better than we found it! This is not just for our shared planet but would address many of the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice.

All a bit much? Well let’s look closer to home – if we can’t look after our shared spaces (public toilets, subways, parks and beaches), how are we going to look after our shared planet?

A place to start – You. Today. Simple action.

Just start to be a conscious consumer. Even in the smallest of things, create a ‘Leave It Better’ habit.


Here at Au Natural Skinfood, we encourage you, like us, to leave it better. We actively promote integrity, transparency and sustainability, and we’re committed to driving positive change for the benefit of your health and that of the planet. Our product range is expanding beyond the essentials and we continue to search for even greener and healthier solutions.

Join our community and be part of the #AuNaturalRevolution.

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