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Biome-positive Skincare: Ease Eczema & Help Sensitive Skin

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Last week we published a blog about Biome-positive skincare and how a balance of bacteria on your skin is crucial for a healthy skin microbiome. You can read the whole thing here.

This week, we’re focusing on how using Biome-positive skincare to create a healthy skin microbiome can ease eczema and help sensitive skin.


Scientists are constantly learning what may trigger different skin conditions. In the case of eczema, a few important discoveries have been made. We know that people who have eczema often have a genetic mutation that allows bacteria to easily cross the skin barrier and enter the body.


We also know that people with eczema have more Staphylococcus aureus (a gram-positive bacteria) on their skin than people without eczema do. That’s problematic because this kind of bacteria can cause serious infections.


Interestingly, a recent study found that conducting a microbiome transplant resulted in a 90% in the amount of staph bacteria found on their skin. Clearly, the microbiome is an important consideration for eczema.


While microbiome transplant is not available to the public, you can add beneficial bacteria to your skincare routine. An unbalanced microbiome can cause inflamed and sensitive skin. At Au Natural Skinfood we are focused on nurturing your skin and being gentler with your good bacteria. A happy skin is one that is a biome-positive one.

Try our AM Day Serum or if acne prone our  On The Spot Moisturizer to strengthen your skin’s good bacteria, inhibit the bad, and reduce inflammation.



A tip to help sensitive and eczema prone skin is to place a warm compress towel on the area of concern and then follow with a cold compress towel placed in the same area, repeat this several times to alleviate the itchiness and inflammation.  This technique triggers a micro-damage/micro-repair response on the skin without compromising the biome.


I hope that this information helps you if you have oily or acne-prone skin. Next week, I’ll be talking about how to treat aging and dry skins.


In kindness,

Tracy, Au Natural Skinfood Founder